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Holiday Gift Guide: Best of Subscriptions and Subscription Boxes Addition

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

This post contains affiliate links.

Subscriptions are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving and they're my favorite gifts to give and receive. There are some great subscriptions out there that can also really enrich learning as well!

Here are my top 10 favorite subscriptions for kids, families and because parents need some pampering too, my favorite subscriptions for adults as well!

Best Subscription Boxes for International Studies, Cultural Appreciation and the Travelers in Your Life

Universal Yums: Great for Kids of All Ages, Families or Even Adults Who Miss Travel

We used to travel a lot and it was a huge part of our lives and our parenting but unfortunately, due to COVID and having a newborn that’s out of the picture right now. My sister knew how much we were missing travel so she got me a subscription to Universal Yums for my birthday. It was such a great gift and it’s something we now look forward to every month! Every month we get a box filled with different snacks and sweets from a different country, along with a booklet with information about the country and snacks! I make a whole learning experience out of the box. We listen to music from the country, find it on our globe, read books or poetry, watch videos/looks at pictures from the county, and of course we sample the snacks! I think it’s really important to teach my kids about not just geography but also about diverse cultures and experiences. We also always talk about how we shouldn’t “yuck someone else’s yum” if we don’t like one of the snacks. These boxes lend themselves to so many different lessons! The size pictured above is the smallest box and it's perfect for us! Check out Universal Yums here!

WompleBox: Great for kids ages K-3

We recently tried out Womple Box's Morocco Box and it was a big hit. The Womple Box included a map with fun facts about Morocco which we read together, a reader inspired by Morocco with Arabic words and great vocabulary words throughout it, an art activity where we made our own Hamsa amulets (enough supplies to make 4), stickers, a keychain and a post card. It was a big hit and the book was long enough that we were able to continue to read from it for several days! The kids especially loved making their Hamsa amulets. Overall, we really enjoyed the box. We miss our international travel adventures so much and it’s been important for me to find new ways to bring international studies to our days. Womple Box is another fun way to explore a different country safely at home. We definitely recommend it. More info here!

Writings From The Wild: For Animal Loving Kids Who Love to Get Mail

My kids love receiving mail, and being stuck in the house so much due to COVID, getting the mail everyday has definitely become something they get excited about. If your kids are like mine and also love animals, Writings From The Wild is something you should definitely check out! Each month your kids will receive a handcrafted letter written from a different animal from all over the world. They'll also receive access to a downloadable activity sheet. These vary from coloring sheets, crack the code, word search, how to draw the animal, etc. At just $6 a month, this is a no-brainer! More info here!

Best Art-Based Subscription Boxes

Green Kid Crafts: Appropriate for ages 2-10!

Green Kid Crafts is, in my opinion, one of the best kids' subscription boxes out there. Every month, your kids get 4-6 art and science based activities developed and reviewed by a team of experts with environmentalism in mind. Don't want to wait for a monthly delivery? You can purchase a 5 pack of boxes at once! Even better, Green Kid Crafts plants a tree for every order placed so this subscription box is one you can feel good about! Order by 11/25 with the code ATHOME for 10% off!

KidsArtLit: For book loving kids!

KidsArtLit is a great subscription box. Every month the box includes a beautiful book and an art project (enough supplies for two kids) that compliments the book. When we read a book, we love to incorporate art projects and other activities to continue the learning and conversation about a story we read. KidsArtLit takes all the work out so you can get straight to reading and learning together! Subscribers also get a members-only e-guide filled with fun bonus content like music playlists, book lists, and printable activities to take your experience even deeper! There's so much joy in bringing a story to life and KidsArtLit does just that! More info here! Use the code HOLIDAY20 for $20 off a new Spark or Deluxe Membership of 3 months or more!

Pottery Awesomeness: For the kids (and adults) who miss pottery class!

My sister seriously sends us the best gifts! About a month ago she sent the kids a Pottery Awesomeness gift set and we had an absolute blast! Everything was high quality and had everything we needed for a full afternoon of crafting together! Head here for more info!

Best Digital Subscriptions for Learning-at-Home

Vooks: Great for early childhood ages 2-7

We recently joined Vooks and highly recommend it! Vooks is a kid safe, ad-free streaming library of read aloud animated storybooks. I've been able to supplement lessons with read alouds from Vooks. The videos are beautifully done and the library is vast, including lots of popular books and the videos also have accompanying short lesson plans for ideas on how to use the videos with other learning activities. I also feel safe giving my kids access to Vooks during screen-time. More info here!

Outschool: Ages 3 and up!

My son is dinosaur obsessed and in an effort to help him get more comfortable interacting with other adults, we’re currently doing a weekly dinosaur class on Outschool. Outschool is a platform where educators host one off or join anytime weekly classes on just about any subject imaginable. The classes we’ve done have been fun, interactive and short which is perfect for my son’s limited attention span. I highly recommend checking it out. If you use my referral link, you’ll get $20 off your first class!

ABCMouse: When Mommy Needs a Little Guilt-Free Quiet Time

We got an ABCMouse subscription when the pandemic first started and it's been a good investment. Mr. J gets 30 minutes of iPad time when his sisters are napping so that I can get a little quiet time. I feel safe with him using ABCMouse and he's actually learned a ton through it! A win, win! More information here.

Best Subscription for Babies

Lovevery: High quality baby and toddler Montessori based play kits

Lovevery makes high quality Montessori age-based play kits. We have the activity gym and it's so well made and the two older kids usually join the baby for tummy time. Their customer service is also incredible. We had a small issue that was actually probably our fault and they resolved it so quickly and really went above and beyond to help me. You can buy single playkits or subscribe to get kits every few of months as your baby or toddler grows! More info here!

Dypers: Compostable Diapers for the Eco-Conscious Family

After three kids I can confidently say there are just never enough diapers, ever and remembering to order diapers is a constant struggle. Enter Dypers with their diaper subscription program which is not only convenient but since these diapers are actually compostable, you can feel better about all the erm, literal waste your baby produces. Dypers has a program where you can send back the used diapers in provided prepaid shipping materials for composting through TerraCycle. A win for you, and the environment! More info here.

Best Subscription Boxes for Mom, Friends, Etc.

I've been a CauseBox subscriber for a couple of years now and it's been the best gift to myself! CauseBox is a seasonal subscription box (4 times a year) full of sustainable and ethically sourced beauty, home and fashion products. The box is customizable and high quality. It's a great gift to give or receive! Use my referral link for $10 off a new subscription!

Succulents Box: For the Plant Lover in Your Life

I love succulents! They're easy to care for and beautiful. With Succulents Box you can choose to send one or more succulents or air plants to someone each month either in plastic pots or fancier ceramic pots. They offer month-to-month subscriptions and longer more subscriptions as well. This could be a great gift for kids or adults who love their plant babies! Subscriptions start at just $5 a month and up! All the details are available here!

What subscriptions would you add to the list?

Happy gifting!

-School of Mommy

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