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Moon Placemats

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

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We've been studying the solar system for the last month. We've been reading lots of books, using my Montessori Planets cards and observing the night sky.

We also kicked off a year-long celebration of the moon. We'll set intentions every new moon, observe moon phases and have a full moon party each month.

I wanted the kids to make something that we would include in our celebrations each month and decided on making some special full moon place mats. These were really simple and fun to make!

Materials needed:

Aluminum foil

White and Black Tempera paint


Paper plate or Paint Tray


Bowl for tracing

1. Use a bowl to trace a circle with pencil on your white cardstock. This will be the full moon.

2. Cut the construction paper to an 8 1/2 x 11 size so it will eventually fit into the laminating pocket.

3. Make a stamp out of the aluminum foil. An easy way to do this is to rip off some aluminum foil and stuff it into a water glass to make a flat, sturdy base and mold a little handle on the backside for your kids to hold. You could also cut up a sponge.

4. Mix together some black and white paint to make a gray color in your paint tray or plate. I purposely didn't mix it completely to allow for some color variations.

5. Allow your child to use their stamp to completely paint the inside of the circle. Think of this as a process art activity and have fun with it. Don't worry about perfection!

6. Set aside to dry, While the moon is drying use one white paint and a paintbrush to make stars on the black construction paper. We just did white dots, but you can draw out star shapes or even use some blue, green and purple to make the Northern Lights!

7. Once both paintings are dry, cut out the moon shape and paste it to the center of the construction paper night sky painting.

8. Place construction paper into a laminating pocket and laminate!

There you have it, easy peasy DIY moon placemats!

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